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The Mentor – touching film about a strong personality

The Mentor tells the story of Black Diamond founder Maria Cranor, who was a pioneer, visionary and physicist.

Film tip: Cerro Torre Climb & Fly

Airy climbing documentary about the Climb & Fly adventure of Roger Schäli, Mario Heller and Pablo Pontoriero on Cerro Torre.

Mountain film festival Mountains on Stage Summer 2024 | Concentrated load of adventure

Experience the mountain film festival Mountains on Stage in 22 countries and 250 cities with films from the areas of climbing, bouldering and speleology.

Watch Reel Rock documentary Burning the Flame for free

Free must-see TV program for all mountain sports fans: Burning the Flame with Babsi Zangerl and Jacopo Larcher.

Film tip: Watch Reel Rock Episode DNA with Seb Bouin for free

With DNA, Seb Bouin was the second climber to rate a route 2c. You can watch the Reel Rock episode of his ascent for free.

Moving film about self-discovery, racism on the mountain and courage | Descendancy

Descendance tells the story of the black Tyrolean professional freeskier Dennis Ranalter in search of his own identity.

Film tip: Hard routes, greasy holds, long departures – Kruder & Piccolruaz during deep water soloing

In this video, Lacrux TV accompanies climbing professionals Jernej Kruder and Michael Piccolruaz during deep water soloing. A must see!

Eiger north face – beyond death | Film tip

The world-class alpinists Stephan Siegrist and Thomas and Alexander Huber want to create a memorial to their unfortunate climbing friends with a new route on the north face of the Eiger.