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See Vanhee about a challenge he wasn't up for

Despite many successes, something is missing in Siebe Vanhee's life. This leads him to Mexico, where an intense experience awaits him.

Let it Bärn - short film about bouldering in urban areas

This short film shows urban bouldering in the city of Bern and raises the question of who owns the public space and who is allowed to use it.

Film about the toughest big wall route in the world: Darkest Before Dawn

Immerse yourself in the world of Belgian professional climber Siebe Vanhee, who authentically and genuinely portrays his first season on Yosemite's toughest big wall in the film Darkest Before Dawn. The infamous Dawn Wall proves to be a challenge in more ways than one.

Survived again: gripping film about Robert Leistner

Robert Leistner is a Saxon thoroughbred climber and knows the Elbe Sandstone Mountains like the back of his hand. Today we can exclusively present you a short film about the first ascent of numerous difficult and hair-raising climbing routes.

Video: Sean Villanueva and Pete Whittaker in the unforgiving mountains of Patagonia

Last winter in Patagonia, a strong rope team attracted attention: crack specialist Pete Whittaker and Patagonia veteran Sean Villanueva. During their time together, the duo managed, among other things, to wring a first free ascent from two hard crack lines.

Film tip: Will Bosi's way to becoming a climbing superstar

Will Bosi was one of the UK's top competitive climbers before he left the competitive circuit to concentrate fully on rock climbing. The latest film from Band of Birds traces Will Bosi's impressive journey to becoming one of the strongest all-round climbers of his generation.

Sam Anthamatten, the alpine multitasker | Nevia movie

Sam Anthamatten is one of the world's best all-rounders. With apparent ease, he plays on the keyboard of alpinism and combines the various mountaineering disciplines to create new challenges. His latest film Nevia provides impressive insights into his very own interpretation of alpinism.

Hyper Finale: Dylan Chuat's path to his first 9a+ | Video

Dylan Chuat is one of the Swiss climbing elite. Again and again he draws attention to himself with the inspection of difficult routes or hard boulders. At the end of May he managed his first 9a+ route in Rawyl with Hyper Finale. In the following video, the 21-year-old Romand explains what the second ascent of the Adam Ondra line is all about and why this means so much to Dylan Chuat.



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