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Baby Steps: Film about the balancing act between motherhood and climbing

The film Baby Steps by Raphaél Fourau shows the personal journey of the athlete Caroline Ciavaldini to become a mother for the second time and at the same time not to lose herself as a climber. With her story, Caroline hopes to reach out to other parents while also inspiring moms to pursue their passions.

Marc-André Leclerc: Outstanding free soloist away from the limelight | Watch movie for free

The Alpinist is an intimate documentary about visionary mountaineer Marc-André Leclerc. The ascents of remote cliffs that the young Canadian undertook are among the most daring solo tours in history.

Full-length climbing film «Alpine Trilogy – Doggystyle» available

The full-length climbing film "Alpine Trilogy - Doggystyle" with Nicolas Favresse and Sébastien Berthe is now available.

More than a route: two female climbers and their understanding of climbing by fair means

The documentary film More than a route accompanies the climate researcher and climber Lena Müller on her search for more sustainability in climbing. Your journey invites you to question your own behavior and to look for new approaches. Lena has found one for herself and calls it Ecopoint.

Ski area expansions - do you need that?

Ski area expansions irretrievably destroy sensitive alpine habitats. The latest documentary film Vanishing Lines by the US outdoor specialist Patagonia raises awareness for this topic.

Climbing film «WoGü» with Cédric Lachat and Nina Caprez | Full movie

WoGü is a legendary multi-pitch tour in the Rätikon and, with difficulties up to 8c, is one of the most difficult in the Alpine region. Cédric Lachat managed the red point ascent of the tour in 2020 - now the film about the ascent is online.

The Mountains on Stage film festival stops in Switzerland, Germany & Austria

The mountain film festival Mountains on Stage is back with a brand new program and tour in over 130 cities in 18 European countries. The German-speaking tour starts on November 29, 2021 in Zurich and stops in 13 cities in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. As the official media partner, LACRUX is giving away tickets for a demonstration of your choice.

Patagonia Films presents “They / Them” documentary about identity in climbing

A few days ago Patagonia released the film “They / Them”. The 70-minute documentary is about Lor Sabourin, a climber, mountain guide and trainer living in Arizona. Lor identifies himself as trans * and uses the pronouns "they / them".



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