Bon Voyage E12 (9a): This is behind Adam Ondra's ascent

With Bon Voyage, Adam Ondra has secured the first repetition of the most difficult trad route in the world. Now there's the video for the broadcast.

TV tip: Portrait of climbing legend Beat Kammerlander

Tonight, 20:15 p.m. on Servus TV: Bergwelten portrays the exceptional Vorarlberg talent Beat Kammerlander.

Support for climbing routes on the Felsenau Viaduct in Bern

The climbing project on the Felsenau Viaduct is on the home stretch. Help us make it possible to climb the bridge pillars soon.

David Bermúdez (14) climbs his second 9a route with Víctimas Pérez

9a to the second: The 14-year-old Spaniard David Bermúdez struck again and repeated in Margalef Víctimaz Pérez.

Uncut: Will Bosi climbing the 9a boulder Return of the Sleepwalker

Will Bosi scored the first repeat of Return of the Sleepwalker (9A) earlier this year. This video shows his ascent.

Marco Müller climbs L'isola che non c'è | Short interview

Marco Müller climbs the 9a route L'isola che non c'è near Amden. We spoke to Müller about the inspection.

Jacob Cook, Hayden Jamieson and Will Sharp free climb the 1000 meter Aid route for the first time

First free ascent: Jacob Cook, Hayden Jamieson and Will Sharp free the Bigwall Aid route Picaflor (1000m, 8a+) on Cerro Capicua.

Seb Berthe repeats Trad masterpiece Bon Voyage (9a)

Seb Berthe secures the third ascent of Bon Voyage in Annot, probably the most difficult trad route in the world.

From this season there will be live streams of European climbing competitions

Wider coverage: From 2024, European competitions can be followed live on the IFSC's new European YouTube channel.

The Mentor – touching film about a strong personality

The Mentor tells the story of Black Diamond founder Maria Cranor, who was a pioneer, visionary and physicist.

Samuel Ometz brings a new test piece to the St. Loup climbing area

New difficult route in St. Loup: The strong Valais native Samuel Ometz makes the first ascent of Avant demain (9a).

Happiness: The story of a Tyrolean first ascent legend

In his search for the perfect line, Markus Haid has developed over 300 routes, mostly 8a and harder. Does his search end with happiness?

Ondra's strength endurance monster Vicious Circle (9a+/b) repeated for the first time

The 25-year-old Italian Stefano Carnati secures the first repetition of Adam Ondra's strength endurance monster Vicious Circle (9a+/b).

Through the ceiling: How Franco Cookson jumped from 7c+ straight to 9a

How British climber Franco Cookson managed to go from 7c+ straight to 9a in four years.

Adam Ondra Masterclass: The perfect knee clamp

How to Kneebar: Today, Czech professional climber Adam Ondra will show you everything you need to know about kneebars.

Mass tourism in climbing: How Ticino bouldering areas are struggling for solutions

Are the Ticino bouldering areas victims of their own success? A report on causes and possible solutions.

Mountain film festival Mountains on Stage Summer 2024 | Concentrated load of adventure

Experience the mountain film festival Mountains on Stage in 22 countries and 250 cities with films from the areas of climbing, bouldering and speleology.

Stefano Ghisolfi reveals the secret of his endurance

This is how Stefano Ghisolfi is training for his three big goals in 2024: Olympic qualification, Silence (9c) and Burden of Dreams (9A).

First Swiss Climbing Cup in bouldering 2024 | Info & live stream

This Saturday the first Swiss Climbing Cup will take place in the Spinnerei Indoor. The finals can be followed in the live stream.

Alex Megos misses 8c+ Flash because of kneepads

Alex Megos is not a fan of knee pads. During Ursus' flash attempt (8c+) he equipped himself with it twice. Did it help?

Climbing professionals as climate ambassadors – is that possible?

Katherine Choong and Nicolas Hojac are climbing professionals and climate ambassadors at Protect our Winters. How do you deal with this dual role?

Ondra during the 9a onsight attempt: final stop for grip breakout

This video shows Adam Ondra making a solid 9a onsight attempt. But when the handle breaks, it comes to an abrupt end.

Spanish Kinglines repeated

Jorg Verhoeven, Gabriele Moroni and Leo Ketil Bøe repeat classics of the 9th French degree in Siurana, Oliana and Margalef.

5th Petzl Climbing Festival Frankenjura 2024 | Info & program

Save the Date: from May 30th to June 2nd, 2024, the Frankenjura climbing festival is going into its fifth round in idyllic Königstein.

Jernej Kruder repeats Ticino crack test piece Butterfly Circus (8b)

In Val Bavona, Slovenian climbing professional Jernej Kruder secured the first repetition of Butterfly Circus. The 25 meter long crack line was created by Fred...

Make 3 out of 1: climbing, ski touring and biking with one helmet

Multiple certification, protective function, important standards: five important facts when buying a helmet for mountain sports.

Jorge Díaz-Rullo repeats Sleeping Lion (9b)

Sleeping Lion for the third time: The strong Spaniard Jorge Díaz-Rullo repeats Chris Sharma's new kingline in Siurana.



Is trail running the perfect training for alpinists?

Trail running as training for alpinists: Today we'll take a closer look at whether and how running has benefits for mountaineering.

Memories of David Lama on the 5th anniversary of his death

5th anniversary of the deaths of David Lama, Hansjörg Auer and Jess Rosskelley. In memory of three exceptional phenomena in modern mountaineering.

Huge landslide on Piz Scerscen

At Piz Scerscen in the Engadine, over a million cubic meters of rock and ice came loose early on Sunday morning.

The world's first modular headlamp: Silva Free

Headlamp novelty: Silva Free is the first modular headlamp that can be put together depending on the planned mountain sports activity.

Go higher when climbing: Here's how to do it

Go higher when climbing: The frog yoga exercise stretches your inner thighs with a noticeable effect.