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These are the most difficult multi-pitch routes in the world

The Dawn Wall in Yosemite and Valhalla in Getu, China are currently the only multi-pitch routes in the ninth degree of French. There are also numerous other rock-hard big wall climbs. We have compiled a list of the most difficult multi-pitch routes in the world for you.

Valhalla - The world's largest roof route - film premiere

On May 20, 2019, the Spaniard Edu Marin managed the first free ascent of the world's longest roof route: Valhalla. The film of the same name "Valhalla - Cielo de Roca" shows the story behind the impressive route in Getu, China. The film will be shown for the first time on October 2, 2020

You can immortalize yourself in Edu Marin's climbing film Cielo de Roca

Around a year ago, Edu Marin successfully climbed the longest roof route in the world. Now he needs support with film production.

Edu Marin climbs the longest overhanging roof route in the world: Valhalla (9a +, 380m)

After months of setting up and designing, the Spanish professional climber has now managed to climb the longest overhanging roof route in the world, Valhalla (9a +, 380 Meter), in the Chinese Getu red dot.

Valhalla Project: One of the toughest MSL tours in perhaps the largest roof in the world

The Spanish climber Edu Marin sets up one of the most difficult multi-pitch tours in the Chinese Getu on what is perhaps the largest roof in the world. In the following video...


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Imposing mixed route in the Dolomites first climbed

Nicola Bertoldo and Diego Dellai open a new mixed route on the north face of Monte Agnèr: Ultima Perla (350m, 5+, M6, 50°).

Move Hard: Seb Bouin's path to silence

With the ascent of Move Hard (9b), Seb Bouin has come another step closer to Adam Ondra's Masterpiece Silence.

Cédric Lachat repeats 85-meter endurance hammer Chilam Balam (9a+/b)

The Swiss professional climber Cédric Lachat scores Chilam Balam (9a+/b), his 50th route in the ninth grade.

A dream, two dirt bags, 3000 meters of climbing

Film tip: The two dirtbags Drew Herder and Ben Wilbur try to conquer the longest climbing route in the world in the Long Wall.
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