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Not for the faint of heart: Shawn Raboutou climbs 8C+ Highball

At the 17 meter high Highball Devilution (8C+) the boundaries between boulder and free solo disappear. This is how Shawn Raboutou climbs the line.

9 years after the first ascent: 8C+ Highball The Process repeated

17-meter highball: American boulderer Zach Galla secures the first repetition of The Process (8C+).

Will Bosi repeats Return of the Sleepwalker (9A) and confirms grade

Will Bosi is unstoppable: In the Red Rocks he secures the first repeat of Return of the Sleepwalker (9A). The 25 year old...

Michaela Kiersch: “My best bouldering day ever”

The American climber Michaela Kiersch pulled 7 boulders between 10B+ and 7B within 8 hours at the Hueco Rock Rodeo.

Upside down no-hand rest in 8c+ trad route

First repeat in seven years: Connor Herson climbs the 8c+ trad route Blackbeard's Tears in Northern California.

Michaela Kiersch clears tanks in Hueco

The strong American climber Michaela Kiersch pulls one difficult boulder after another in Hueco Tanks.

America's Hardest Crack Lines Repeated

Pete Whittaker recently secured the third ascent of the difficult Stranger than Fiction (8c) crack line in Utah. Connor Herson repeats in Yosemite Valley...

Matty Hong climbs Sharma test piece biography (9a +)

The American Matty Hong repeats Biography in Ceüse, the first sport climbing route with a difficulty level of 9a+. It was drilled in 1989 by Jean-Christophe Lafaille. The American Chris Sharma managed a first free ascent in 2001.