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Melissa Le Nevé is the first woman to climb The Dagger (8B+)

One and a half years after the ascent, Melissa Le Nevé announced the first women's ascent of the 8B+ boulder The Dagger.

Seb Bouin: “After the most important crux I fell 11 times”

Video: Accompany French professional climber Seb Bouin on his way to the fourth ascent of Bibliographie in Ceüse.

Crack in the Magic Wood | Municipality and IG Magic Wood in dispute

The waves are rising in the Magic Wood. We met the mayor and the president of IG Magic Wood for a discussion.

After committing a highball: “I was relieved and ashamed”

In this video, James Pearson comments on his ascent of the highball boulder 29 Dots in the Valle dell' Orco.

Adam Ondra goes among the high-rise climbers

For a commercial, Adam Ondra ventured into the world of facade climbing and scaled the Filadelfie skyscraper in Prague.

Janja Garnbret climbs iron sit (8C) – twice!

In less than half an hour: Janja Garnbret secures the first women's ascent of Eisen sit (8C) in the Malta Valley.

Warm up quickly and effectively for climbing – this is how it works

In this video you will learn which exercises you can use to warm up quickly and effectively for climbing.

Projecting at the limit and the possibility of failure

Stefano Ghisolfi shows what it means to plan the hardest sport climbing route and the hardest boulder in the world.



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