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8C+/9A Boulder Backflip Sit cracked (Video)

This video shows Vadim Timonov on the first ascent of one of the most difficult boulder lines in the world: Backflip Sit (8C+/9A).

In the Rocklands rows of heavy boulders are cracked

In the South African bouldering Mecca Rocklands there is a lot going on: Ryuichi Murai repeats the ultimate test piece Livin' Large (8C +) as well as other hard boulders. Russian Vadim Timonov flashes Mirta (8B+) and opens G-master (8C).

Vadim Timonov opens 8C+/9A boulder backflip sit

The Russian climber Vadim Timonov succeeds in the first ascent of his long-term project. He rates the boulder backflip sit in the Djan Tugan area with 8C+/9A.

Will Aidan crack Roberts Burden of Dreams (9A) thanks to replicas?

After his recent success in Alphane (9A), Aidan Roberts tackles the next ultimate 9A boulder: Burden of Dreams. In order to be able to try the five moves at home as often as he likes, he scanned Nalle Hukkataival's test piece and had replicas of the grips produced.

With a 5-euro budget to the 9A boulder replica | Vadim Timonov in Burden of Dreams

Russian professional climber Vadim Timonov will go to Finland in October to project the 9A boulder Burden of Dreams. This video shows him building a replica of the boulder - with a budget of 5 euros.

Seven times 8a or harder: Vadim Timonov flashes through Fontainebleau

Like many other climbing professionals, Vadim Timonov recently stayed in Fontainebleau. Since the conditions were unfavorable for the really difficult problems, the strong Russian quickly concentrated on flashing. The result: a ticklist with numerous boulders in the eighth French grade.

Vadim Timonov's incredible performance in the Rocklands

The Russian professional climber Vadim Timonov rushes through a climbing area once again and presents an absolutely impressive ticklist - and a video with the ascents.

Vadim Timonov in top form: The Finnish Line (8c) and more bouldered

The Russian professional climber Vadim Timonov lives up to his name: Within just two days he climbed two extremely difficult boulders, including The Finnish Line (8c).


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