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The world's first modular headlamp: Silva Free

Headlamp novelty: Silva Free is the first modular headlamp that can be put together depending on the planned mountain sports activity.

Go higher when climbing: Here's how to do it

Go higher when climbing: The frog yoga exercise stretches your inner thighs with a noticeable effect.

IFSC Lead & Speed ​​World Cup Wujiang | Info & live stream

Livestream: Follow live as the world's best climbers compete at the Lead & Speed ​​World Cup in Wujiang.

TV tip: Portrait of climbing legend Beat Kammerlander

Tonight, 20:15 p.m. on Servus TV: Bergwelten portrays the exceptional Vorarlberg talent Beat Kammerlander.

Support for climbing routes on the Felsenau Viaduct in Bern

The climbing project on the Felsenau Viaduct is on the home stretch. Help us make it possible to climb the bridge pillars soon.

David Bermúdez (14) climbs his second 9a route with Víctimas Pérez

9a to the second: The 14-year-old Spaniard David Bermúdez struck again and repeated in Margalef Víctimaz Pérez.

Marco Müller climbs L'isola che non c'è | Short interview

Marco Müller climbs the 9a route L'isola che non c'è near Amden. We spoke to Müller about the inspection.

Many more foreign people have fatal accidents

Mountain emergency statistics 2023: In the Swiss Alps last year, 3501 people were in distress and 114 people had fatal accidents.