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These are the most difficult multi-pitch routes in the world

The Dawn Wall in Yosemite and Valhalla in Getu, China are currently the only multi-pitch routes in the ninth degree of French. There are also numerous other rock-hard big wall climbs. We have compiled a list of the most difficult multi-pitch routes in the world for you.

Sébastien Berthe scores Arco Iris (8c +, 200m)

The Belgian Sébastien Berthe secures the first repetition of the multi-pitch route Arco Iris (8c +, 200m) near Montserrat, Spain.

Edu Marin climbs Arco Iris (8c +) - one of the most difficult multi-pitch routes in Europe

Edu Marin manages the first free ascent of the multi-pitch tour Arco Iris (8c +, 200m, 6SL) in the climbing area of ​​Montserrat, Spain.

Daila Ojeda climbs to 8c, but no multi-pitch tours - until now

The Spanish top climber Daila Ojeda has made a name for herself by inspecting difficult sport climbing routes such as Fish Eye in Oliana (8c), Aitzol in Margalef (8c) or...


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Imposing mixed route in the Dolomites first climbed

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