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Solveig Korherr in the form of her life

Solveig Korherr is currently unstoppable. On her most recent climbing trip, she strings one success after another.

Does the renovation of Oliana even make sense? | Interview with Chris Frick

Ever since a major fire swept across Oliana in the summer of 2022, things have gone quiet around the world-famous climbing area. A handful of locals and die-hard climbers take on the Herculean task of returning the once world-class climbing area to its former glory. Is that even possible? We spoke to Chris Frick about Oliana's lengthy restoration.

8c climbing at 54 – Chris Frick reveals his secret

Chris Frick recently scored in Rawyl Stop Sika (8c) - and that at the proud age of 54. In the following lines, the man in his mid-fifties explains how he managed to do this. An ode to big goals, unshakable optimism and targeted training.

The Swiss Katherine Choong rocks in Oliana

The Swiss top climber Katherine Choong, like many other top athletes, dedicates herself to the Spanish rocks, while in more northern regions the snow and the sub-zero temperatures make ski tourers...