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Blood Flow Restriction Training: Getting stronger despite injury and a break from climbing?

Blood Flow Restriction Training (BFRT) is a training method that uses pressure cuffs to reduce blood flow. The effect: muscle growth and strength increase despite low training intensity. A type of training that can be particularly interesting during injury-related breaks in climbing and in the rehabilitation phase.

Anak Verhoeven, Will Bosi & Sasha DiGiulian in an interview about injuries, sports careers, entrepreneurship

In Beta's latest show on Actiontalk TV, we feature a full load of interviews. We get to know Will Bosi better and learn from Sasha DiGiulian and Anak Verhoeven how they were able to take something positive out of their injury break.

Shauna Coxsey: No more competitive circus

The British professional climber Shauna Coxsey will no longer take part in competitions after the Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

Jakob Schubert injured: acute complaints since the 9c attempt

Jakob Schubert struggles with problems with his biceps tendon. Since checking out Bibliography (9c), the complaints have become acute.