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Stefano Ghisolfi shines on Burden of Dreams Replica | Video

We have known since Excalibur at the latest: Stefano Ghisolfi is in top form. And since his king line in Arco requires a lot of maximum strength, the Italian climbing pro has plenty of power when bouldering. He demonstrated this impressively during a visit to Sheffield, where he attempted to flash the Burden of Dreams replica.

Will Aidan crack Roberts Burden of Dreams (9A) thanks to replicas?

After his recent success in Alphane (9A), Aidan Roberts tackles the next ultimate 9A boulder: Burden of Dreams. In order to be able to try the five moves at home as often as he likes, he scanned Nalle Hukkataival's test piece and had replicas of the grips produced.

Shawn Raboutou rehearses Burden of Dreams (9A) | Video

Burden of Dreams is the first 9A boulder in the world and has not been repeated since Nalle Hukkataival first climbed it in 2016. Shawn Raboutou recently attempted the tough problem in Lappnor, Finland.

With a 5-euro budget to the 9A boulder replica | Vadim Timonov in Burden of Dreams

Russian professional climber Vadim Timonov will go to Finland in October to project the 9A boulder Burden of Dreams. This video shows him building a replica of the boulder - with a budget of 5 euros.

These are the most difficult boulders in the world

We have compiled the most difficult boulders in the world from difficulty level 8C+ in the following list.

Second 9a Boulder in the World: Charles Albert climbs No Kpote only

The French boulderer Charles Albert manages the second 9a Boulder in the world: No Kapote only in Fontainebleau.

Video of the world's toughest boulder - now for free

In October last year, the Finn Nalle Hukkataival committed the world's hardest boulder with Burden of Dreams (9a). For seven years he returned...

The story behind the first 9a Boulder in the world

On October 23.10.2016rd, XNUMX, a murmur went through the climbing world. The Finnish top boulderer Nalle Hukkataival announces the ascent of Burden of Dreams and beats the level of difficulty...