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This is how Seb Bouin climbs Suprême Jumbo Love (9b +) | Video

In November 2022, the French top climber Seb Bouin opened the most difficult route in North America with Suprême Jumbo Love (9b +). The video of the first ascent of the impressive mega line at Clark Mountain is now available.

Huge highball: This is how Keenan Takahashi climbs A little Life (8B+) | Video

In December 2022, Keenan Takahashi made the first ascent of A Little Life (8B+) in the Buttermilks. Antigrav accompanied the American climber during the ascent process and in their latest production shows what is behind the first ascent of an impressive highball.

Famous boulder flashed and massively devalued

Abaddon (8A+) is one of the most popular boulders of this grade in the US bouldering Mecca Red Rocks. The American competition climber Zander Waller recently forced a flash ascent of the line and quickly downgraded it from 8A+ to 7C.

Ryuichi Murai repeats the Boulder Sleepwalker (8C +)

The Japanese Ryuichi Murai succeeds in repeating one of the most difficult boulders in the USA: Sleepwalker (8C +).

Yannick Flohé with almost Flash: Zoolander (9a) & Pure Imagination (8c +)

Yannick Flohé is currently testing his fitness on rock in the United States. The German professional climber scores routes around the ninth French degree in the second attempt.

Most difficult climbing route in the USA: Seb Bouin climbs Suprême Jumbo Love (9b +)

French pro climber Seb Bouin solves an old 2010, the direct variation of Chris Sharma's Jumbo Love, at Clark Mountain. His first ascent, called Suprême Jumbo Love, adds another 20 meters of hard climbing to Jumbo Love. The result: America's hardest climbing route with a 9b+ rating.

Shawn Raboutou opens two 9A boulders: Alphane Moon and Megatron Project

Shawn Raboutou opens two 9A boulders. The Alphane Moon Project line and the Megatron Project. Raboutou never communicated officially.

Jakob Schubert in the Red Rocks: Is the 9a boulder threatened with devaluation?

A few days ago, Jakob Schubert started his trip to the USA. Now the goal of his stay in Las Vegas is known: He projects the Boulder Return of the Sleepwalker (9a). When will the ascent work? Is the Boulder threatened with devaluation?


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Alexander Huber climbs 150-meter rock pinnacle at Cala Goloritzé free solo

Professional climber and alpinist Alexander Huber climbs free solo on the famous 150-meter rock needle near Cala Goloritzé in Sardinia.

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