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Jakob Schubert: "There are not many routes that are harder" | ProjectBig

This video shows Jakob Schubert planning the Project Big route in Flatanger, one of the most difficult climbing routes in the world.

Schubert vs Flohé: Who is the stronger?

Yannick Flohé and Jakob Schubert are both among the world's best climbers. To find out which of them has more taste, they met in northern Germany for a boulder block battle.

What are Ondra and Schubert doing in Flatanger? ProjectBig!

About a week ago, Stefano Ghisolfi arrived at the Flatanger climbing area. Now Adam Ondra and Jakob Schubert are joining them. Which routes are the three planning to take?

When the skin doesn't want to go any further: Jakob Schubert's rocky path to the European Championship title Video

Jakob Schubert has been European Champion since last Thursday. A title that adds to the collection for which the 31-year-old trains hard every day. This summer, not only the corona virus forced him to take a break, but above all the skin on his hands temporarily gave way.

Jakob Schubert wins gold | Combo format bouldering & lead climbing men | European Championship 2022

On the last day of climbing at the 2022 European Championships in Munich, Austria's Jakob Schubert won the gold medal in the combined competition format.

Youngsters dominate Bouldering World Cup in Salt Lake City

At the IFSC Bouldering World Cup in Salt Lake City, Team Austria had a strong start and had two finalists each. The youngsters then secured the podium places: 18-year-old Mejdi Schalck won ahead of the Japanese Ogata and Kawamata. In the women's category, Grossman won ahead of Raboutou and Nonaka.

Interview with Jakob Schubert: Once a competitor, always a competitor

Jakob Schubert is back. After a World Cup break, the 31-year-old is attacking again in Salt Lake City. There are two bouldering decisions on the program this weekend and next. In an interview, the Olympic bronze medalist reveals why he traveled to the USA with good memories, what goals he has for Salt Lake City, how he plans his "Road to Paris" and why the route to the 2024 Olympic Games is not only via Munich, but also the most difficult rock routes in the world.

Jakob Schubert and Sleepwalker: when a project almost becomes a nightmare

Jakob Schubert traveled to the Red Rocks near Las Vegas at the end of January with a clear goal: to inspect Sleepwalker (8c +). To achieve this, he put everything on one card - and lost. In an interview, the climbing world champion talks about stubbornness, struggles and dealing with failure.


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Climbing professionals criticize IFSC for NEOM Masters in Saudi Arabia

110 climbers and professionals criticize IFSC for competing as part of the controversial mega-project NEOM in Saudi Arabia.

For once, Schubert upgrades instead of depreciating Clash of the Titans (9b)

Jakob Schubert repeated Clash of the Titans (9a+). Now, after some reflection, he suggests upgrading the route to 9b.

Simon Gietl: “Being able to climb something like that at the beginning of November is like a birthday and Christmas together.”

After an impressive first ice ascent: Simon Gietl about unexpected surprises on the first ascent, style discussions and early ice.

Alexander Huber climbs 150-meter rock pinnacle at Cala Goloritzé free solo

Professional climber and alpinist Alexander Huber climbs free solo on the famous 150-meter rock needle near Cala Goloritzé in Sardinia.
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