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What Alex Megos relies on when it comes to nutrition

Alex Megos is one of the strongest climbers in the world. Whether it's because of the carrots, which have become his trademark over the years, remains to be seen. In his latest vlog, the professional climber reveals what he pays attention to when it comes to his diet.

Yannick Flohé in one of the most difficult indoor routes in the world: Yellow Godzilla (9b)

This video shows Yannick Flohé projecting what is perhaps the world's most difficult indoor climbing route, Yellow Godzilla (9b).

This is how your fingers become really strong

Anyone who, like Alex Megos, has become strong on the finger holes in Franconian Switzerland and has trained for years with professional trainers such as Dicki Korb or Patrick Matros should be the perfect place to go when it comes to finger strength. In his latest video, the German climbing professional shows various exercises that you can use to build up your finger strength.

This is how the slope scale succeeds | Front Lever Tutorial with Alex Megos

The hang scale is a classic calisthenics exercise, but it can also be beneficial when climbing. Alex Megos and Christoph Hanke will show you five exercises with different levels of difficulty, with which you can approach the slope scale step by step.

Alex Megos' darkest nightmare: Leg Day

It's a fear that haunts Alex Megos in his worst nightmares and that hovers over him like the sword of Damocles: leg day. Here you can see how the climbing pro overcomes his aversion to leg training and prepares for his next tough project.

Alex Megos shows his secret climbing hall

The Pulp Friction Gym is located in the heart of Franconian Switzerland. Built by Christoph Hanke and his wife Chiara, this training location has achieved cult status over the years and made climbing pro Alex Megos who he is today. A tour of the iconic gym.

With Alex Megos for a one-arm pull-up | Video

Always wanted to master the One Arm Pull Up? Alex Megos and Chris Hanke reveal their recipe for success and show you various exercises with which you can approach the ultimate challenge of the one-arm pull-up.

This is how Alexander Megos does in the hardest bouldering problem | Video

New training session, new challenge: Max Räuber screwed a tough bouldering problem for Alexander Megos in the Steinbock bouldering hall in Nuremberg. An impossible task, or does the German climbing professional even manage a flash ascent?