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16 peaks, 110 km, 11850 m altitude: Benjamin Védrine's K2 preparation is in full swing

Benjamin Védrines completes the circumnavigation of the Serre-Chevalier valley in the heart of the French Alps within two days.

Make 3 out of 1: climbing, ski touring and biking with one helmet

Multiple certification, protective function, important standards: five important facts when buying a helmet for mountain sports.

24242 meters in altitude in 24 hours: Jakob Herrmann breaks the world record

The Austrian Jakob Herrmann has set a new world record in ski mountaineering with over 24000 meters in altitude within 24 hours.

How electromagnetic interference can disrupt the performance of avalanche transceivers

Electromagnetic interference negatively affects the performance of avalanche transceivers. Why this is the case and what you can do about it.

Concentrated avalanche knowledge for winter sports enthusiasts

The ÖAV will be touring from November 23.11rd. with the Avalanche Update lecture series through Austria, there will be a free live stream on December 13th.

Never so many crevasse falls | Mountain emergency statistics 2022

In 2022, 3668 people got into an emergency in the Swiss Alps and in the Jura and had to be rescued or recovered by the mountain rescue service - that's slightly less than in the previous year. 109 people died in classic mountain sports - that is significantly fewer than in 2021. At 70 people, the number of falls from crevasses on glaciers was almost twice as high as the average for the last 10 years (38).

Avalanche death is male: What men can learn from women on the mountain

Eight avalanche deaths within a weekend is the tragic balance sheet at the beginning of February. According to the Austrian Alpine Association, the winters have one thing in common every year: people are drawn to the mountains, despite alarming forecasts from the avalanche warning services. "Man" can learn above all from how women deal with natural hazards. The statistics of avalanche victims show that it hits men far more often!

Fresh snow in the Alps: what to look out for

In some regions, the long-awaited flakes have already fallen, and more snowfall is imminent this weekend. The weather conditions consisting of wind, fluctuating temperature ranges and, depending on the region, plenty of fresh snow promise an increased risk potential.

The big touring ski test in Les Diablerets by Bächli Bergsport

With the imposing suspension bridge on the Scex Rouge - the only one in the world that connects two mountain peaks - Les Diablerets in the canton of Vaud has blossomed into a tourism highlight. However, not only artificial structures, but also mighty glacier ice and inviting powder slopes attract ski tour and freeride enthusiasts to the area. The perfect location to put the latest ski models through their paces with Bächli Bergsport.



Jaan Roose crosses the Strait of Messina on a 3646m long slackline

World record attempt over the Strait of Messina: Slackline Jaan Rooses dares to tackle the 3640 meter long slackline.

Sascha Lehmann: “I want to make it to the final at the Olympics”

Interview with Swiss professional climber Sascha Lehmann: Successful Olympic qualification, feelings of happiness and expectations.

When eyesight fades and climbing provides comfort

Onsight features blind athlete and Black Diamond product developer Seneida...

IFSC Lead and Speed ​​World Cup Briançon | Info & Livestream

The last World Cup before the Olympics will take place in Briançon from July 17 to 19, 2024. Here you can find all the important information and live streams.