With the G-Tech, La Sportiva has developed an extremely light mountaineering boot that covers the entire spectrum of technical mountaineering - from ice and mixed climbing to Mountaineering in demanding mixed terrain – served. We took a closer look at the alpine miracle weapon from the Italian shoe specialist.

A mountain boot that weighs just 1240 grams per pair, combines agility and good heat retention and is also water-repellent, breathable and can be resoled - that sounds too good to be true. Or not? With the G-Tech on the feet we set out to find out exactly that.

A big plus when approaching is the finely adjustable lacing of the G-Tech via the BOA Fit system. Image: Raphael Tschudin
Ice climbing: A possible area of ​​application for the G-Tech. Image: Raphael Tschudin

BOA-Fit: Individual lacing

Let's start at the very beginning, with the first contact between foot and shoe. The slim look of the G-Tech leads to the assumption that it is primarily tailored to narrow foot types. But this is not the case. Even those who, like the author, walk through life with a wide forefoot will find enough space.

Entry and exit work perfectly thanks to the large strap on the back of the shoe. The first impression in the shoe: great. Your feet feel like they are wrapped in a second skin. The support in the heel area is particularly striking. This of course raises the question of whether this comfort is maintained even when worn for a long time.

With or without gloves: With the Boa closure, the lacing can be quickly adjusted to the respective conditions.
With or without gloves: With the BOA closure, the lacing can be quickly adjusted to the respective conditions.

A highlight of the shoe to support exactly this is the BOA fit system. The quick lacing system via twist lock can be easily operated with gloves and allows you to switch between tight and loose lacing in a matter of seconds. In addition, the G-Tech has a wide strap with Velcro at the top, with which the shoe can be fixed very directly.

Sure-footed and precise on the go

The two-piece Ice-Tech outsole ensures proper grip when walking and precision when climbing. The Italian shoe specialists have installed an additional cushioning element in the heel, which absorbs shock.

During the ascent, it can easily happen that you forget to have a proper mountaineering boot on your feet. It remains to be seen whether it is due to the said sole construction or to its minimal weight of 620 grams per shoe. This much is certain: the G-Tech is anything but a bulky mountaineering boot.

The stiff midsole is responsible for the fact that the G-Tech can boast of high crampon stability. The ice contact is therefore very direct and the agility when setting the mono points is very high.

This took some getting used to at first, especially since the author is usually on the road in the G5. The bigger brother of the G-Tech is warmer, but correspondingly more voluminous. However, the direct feedback that the G-Tech offers when ice climbing is a lot of fun very quickly. Instead of simply hammering the front points into the ice, you start setting them in a much more targeted and dosed manner.

The ultra-light G-Tech gives very direct feedback on ice and enables very precise acceleration.
The ultra-light G-Tech gives very direct feedback on ice and enables very precise acceleration.

Light yet warm

La Sportiva has developed a mountain boot with the G-Tech, which is designed for ice and mixed climbing, but also for climbing tours in the high mountains. The overlapping shaft construction together with the insulating Z-Therm carbon insole and the inner shoe made of 6mm polyethylene ensure warm feet.

On our two test tours – one led to the Allmenalpfall in Kandersteg, the other to the Zanai above Valens – the temperature management worked perfectly. At this point, however, it must also be mentioned that these were rather «warm» ice days.

It can get chilly at the stand. The G-Tech also impressed with its weight-to-warmth ratio in these situations.
It can get chilly at the stand. The G-Tech also impressed with its weight-to-warmth ratio in these situations.

It is difficult to say what it looks like when temperatures are clearly in the double-digit minus range and it also depends heavily on the individual's sensitivity to cold. If, like the author, your feet are one of your absolute weak points, it is better to buy the G-Tech a little larger in order to have more leeway when choosing socks.

La Sportiva G-Tech: Our verdict

The G-Tech is an uncompromising and ultra-light mountain boot for technical mountaineering. The slim shoe with a high shaft grips the foot very directly and ensures that nothing slips, especially in the heel area. The feeling of having imprinted the individual foot shape into the shoe spreads surprisingly quickly - with the author already during the second day's tour.

A cool feature of the G-Tech is the BOA fit system. This means that the mountaineering boot can be laced and loosened in a matter of seconds and yet precisely. This is not only interesting when approaching, but also in the interplay of climbing and belaying. When climbing, the G-Tech gives very direct feedback and offers a very successful mix of agility and stability.

G-Tech at a glance

La Sportiva G Tech
  • Weight: 1240 grams/pair
  • Area of ​​use: ice climbing, mixed climbing, expeditions, alpine climbing in mixed terrain
  • Complete crampon proof
  • Water-repellent gaiter with asymmetric zip
  • Warm inner shoe
  • BOA closure system
  • power strap
  • Heat Tech shaft with overlap construction
  • Circumferential protective edge
  • Insole: 5mm Carbon Z-Therm
  • Outsole: Vibram Ice Tech; Vibram Lite Base in front, Vibram Spring Lug Tech in back
  • Resoleable

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