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Seb Berthe repeats Trad masterpiece Bon Voyage (9a)

Seb Berthe secures the third ascent of Bon Voyage in Annot, probably the most difficult trad route in the world.

Pete Whittaker frees tough Trad line with Eigerdosis (8c).

The crack specialist Pete Whittaker succeeds in the Norwegian Jossingfjord the first free ascent of Eigerdosis (8c) in trad style.

Does Connor Herson make Empath (9a +) the most difficult trad climbing route in the world?

Empath (9a+) is a crazy granite tufa route in Kirkwood, California. In June 2021, Connor Herson secured the seventh ascent of Carlo Traversi's line. Recently the youngster has returned and has been climbing the line trad style. Does this make Empath the hardest trad route in the world?

Simon Wahli repeats France's toughest trad route

Swiss mountain guide and climber Simon Wahl with Le Voyage (E10, 7a) in Annot his most difficult trad route so far.

Babsi Zangerl in one of the toughest trad routes in France (Le Voyage, E10, 7a)

In 2021, Babsi Zangerl climbed the mentally demanding trad route Le Voyage (E10, 7a). In the video, she takes the viewers into the sandstone wall, which has just enough structure to climb on and lay the most necessary safety devices.