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Bouldering world elite besieged blocks in Ticino

The international bouldering elite are currently cavorting in the Swiss sun room - from Woods to Graham, they are all there. This high density of strong climbers is also reflected in the fact that numerous classics have been repeated, hard boulders have been projected and new lines have been climbed for the first time.

Climb it like Graham: Nils Favre climbs The Story of two Worlds (8C)

Nils Favre climbs his "side project" The Story of two Worlds (8C) in Cresciano. He repeats the Ticino classic without a kneepad and thus in the same way as Dave Graham opened it 18 years ago.

Fantastic conditions in Ticino: Müller, Marschner and Wientjes successful

Ticino currently seems to be under siege. Numerous strong climbers take advantage of the perfect conditions in southern Switzerland. These are recent achievements.

Video: Alexander Megos and Yannick Flohé successful in Ticino

The two German climbers Alexander Megos and Yannick Flohé were successful in Ticino. Here is the video of the trip.

Alexander Megos climbs the Ticino classic Dreamtime and The Story of two Worlds

Alex Megos climbs the two boulders Dreamtime and The Story of Two Worlds (8c) and raises questions about climbing ethics.

Jakob Schubert is making short work of the Dreamtime block again

Jakob Schubert came to Ticino again last week and climbed two heavy lines: Somnolence (8b) and The Story of Two Worlds (8c).

Stefano Carnati cracks the Boulder Dreamtime and the Demencia Senil route

Stefano Carnati climbs the 8a + Route Demencia Senil shortly after the two 9c boulderers Dreamtime and The Story of Two Worlds in Cresciano.

Ryuichi Murai climbs Off The Wagon (8b +) when wet - and more

Ryuichi Murai succeeds in the celebration of the Val Bavona classic Off The Wagon. A day later he committed the 8c-Boulder Story of Two Worlds in Cresciano.


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