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Mountain emergency statistics 2020: Corona affects emergencies

In 2020, 3471 people in the Swiss Alps and the Jura were in an emergency and had to be rescued or rescued by mountain rescue - more than in any previous year. 112 people had fatal accidents in classic mountain sports.

SAC huts: overnight stays for the winter season plummeted by over 66%

It was to be expected: The Covid-19 pandemic left clear marks on the SAC huts. The lockdown in mid-March 2020, just in the high season for ski touring, forced the huts to cease operations. The number of overnight stays for the winter season plummeted by over 66%. But there was one ray of hope: the summer season developed better than feared.

Swiss Alpine Club: record year for overnight stays

The Swiss Alpine Club SAC can look back on a record year. The summer half year gave the 153 SAC huts an absolute record.

Historic low in fatal accidents

The German Alpine Association publishes the mountain accident statistics for 2016. Never before have there been so few fatal accidents, but there have been many rescues of uninjured mountaineers. Good news from the...

Fewer deadly accidents in the Swiss mountains

In 2016, around 2 people had to be rescued by mountain rescue teams in the Swiss Alps. 800 people died in mountaineering accidents: That's 113...



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