Keyword: shoulder stability

Efficient exercise on the way to handstand

This is how the handstand works: With the L handstand you can build up strength and practice the handstand position in a controlled manner.

Improve your shoulder stability

The table is a simple yet effective exercise that improves your shoulder stability and stretches your chest muscles.

Improve your shoulder stability with the Sword Pull | climbing-specific compensation training

Together with the training experts Patrick Matros and Dicki Korb and the climbing doctor Volker Schöffl, we will show you three preventive exercises to prevent symptoms of overload in the shoulder joint. The first exercise focuses on shoulder stability: the sword pull.

Yoga series for climbers: With this exercise you improve your shoulder stability

As part of our yoga series, we present you with yoga exercises at regular intervals that are tailored to the needs of climbers. The exercises will be presented by Bächli Bergsport and Petra Zink. In today's issue, Petra shows you how to use lateral support to strengthen all of the muscles that stabilize the shoulder girdle.