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Why repetitive and isolated technique exercises make little sense

Repetitive technique drills are inefficient. Today we'll show you an approach that views movement as self-organized and non-linear.

Warm up quickly and effectively for climbing – this is how it works

In this video you will learn which exercises you can use to warm up quickly and effectively for climbing.

Four movement concepts that comprehensively improve your climbing technique

Sustainably better climbing: Movement concepts can take you much further when climbing than individual techniques.

Does stretching before climbing training hurt your performance?

Today we have clarity: Does passive stretching before climbing training improve performance or does it even harm performance?

Strength endurance: You should avoid these 7 training mistakes

Endurance plays a key role in sport climbing. Accordingly, many athletes base their training plans on it. However, there are some misconceptions that can significantly affect the success of a training season. These are the seven most serious mistakes.

This is how 9b + climber William Bosi trains

The 22-year-old Scot William Bosi is one of the strongest climbers in the world. With the first ascent of King Capella (9b + / 9b) at the latest, Bosi moved into the international spotlight. In this video the guys from Lattice Training accompany him and show a typical training session by Bosi.



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