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Adam Ondra goes among the high-rise climbers

For a commercial, Adam Ondra ventured into the world of facade climbing and scaled the Filadelfie skyscraper in Prague.

Last chance for the Olympics – this is how the Olympic Qualifier Series works

Olympic Qualifier Series: The last Olympic tickets will be awarded in Shanghai and Budapest. This is how the award works.

Training tips for trail running

Training for trail running: Today we'll show you which principles you should keep in mind during your training.

Why repetitive and isolated technique exercises make little sense

Repetitive technique drills are inefficient. Today we'll show you an approach that views movement as self-organized and non-linear.

The best triceps exercises by Alex Megos

What's the best way to train your triceps as a climber: Here are the best exercises from climbing professional Alex Megos.

Chronology of an adventure in the wild Atlas Mountains

Iker Pou opens up a new multi-pitch route in the Atlas Mountains and repeats several difficult tours single-handedly.

This young Frenchman is pushing hard

He's young, he's strong and he climbs whatever stands in his way: French whiz kid Tanguy Merard.

Can Ondra onsight all the hard routes in Soyhières in one afternoon?

Adam Ondra visited the Soyhières climbing area and attempted to onsight climb the most difficult routes in one afternoon. Will he make it?



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