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This is how you take care of your climbing gear and recognize damage

The cold season is slowly saying goodbye, the snow cover is receding. This creates space on the mountain for grippy rock - high time to get the climbing gear out of hibernation and start the first vertical adventures of the season. The moment is extremely favorable, either to bring the equipment into shape or to replace it in the event of damage. It goes without saying that no compromises are made when it comes to safety-related equipment. We look at the care of ropes and the like - for more durability and more safety.

Dry tooling: what is it? What does it take to do this?

Winter is slowly but surely coming, and the anticipation of ice climbing is growing. Dry tooling is the best preparation: with an ice ax and crampons on the rock. Everything you need to know.

Storing climbing equipment correctly: tips from the pros

The summer season is drawing to a close. Climbing finches, ropes and carabiners wander into the cellar during the days. So that there are no nasty surprises next year, we'll show you how to properly clean and store your equipment - with practical tips from professionals Katherine Choong and Roger Schäli.

From speleology specialist to mountain sports outfitter: Petzl

When you think of the mountain sports outfitter Petzl, you think of high walls, overhanging bouldering blocks and spectacular mountaineering tours. But the story of Petzl began underground - in caveology. What makes Petzl what it is today?

A lot of love for details: Bluebird all-round ax from Blue Ice

A clever pimple not only offers comfort in icy passages, but can also save lives in an emergency. One that comes up with a lot of details is the Bluebird from Blue Ice.

How to look after your climbing equipment: tips and tricks

Metal, nylon, polyamide. Climbing equipment consists of materials that all have different areas of application and care requirements. Here you will find an overview of how to properly care for your climbing rope, harness, climbing shoes, carabiners, helmet and belay devices. So you have more fun with your equipment and can climb with it longer.

ATTENTION: This climbing equipment on Amazon is life threatening

On Amazon two climbing harnesses and a rope with fake certifications are offered for sale. They do not withstand the stress of climbing and are life-threatening. The EU has published a warning.

This is how to put your climbing equipment together optimally

Would you like to start climbing or do you already have a few climbing tours under your belt? Transa sales consultant and climbing legend Pesche Wüthrich explains the most important basics...