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Sascha Lehmann: “I want to make it to the final at the Olympics”

Interview with Swiss professional climber Sascha Lehmann: Successful Olympic qualification, feelings of happiness and expectations.

Marco Müller climbs L'isola che non c'è | Short interview

Marco Müller climbs the 9a route L'isola che non c'è near Amden. We spoke to Müller about the inspection.

Alexander Huber on free soloing, acceptable risks and the right time to stop | Video interview

Alex Huber is one of the greatest free soloists of his time. In the interview he talks about his fascination for rope-free climbing.

Free Solo Climbing: Russian Roulette or Calculated Risk?

Is free solo climbing Russian roulette or a calculated risk? Alex Huber, Dani Arnold and Stefan Glowacz in an interview.

Stefan Glowacz on media change and pressure in climbing | Video interview

Style debate: Stefan Glowacz on the mixing of pink point and red point ascents, media change and pressure in climbing.

100 extreme classics aimed for, 40 achieved: Alba Lucia Neder's turbulent climbing year

Alba Lucia Neder set herself the goal of climbing 2023 extreme classics in 100. In the interview, she explains how she fared with her project.

Matty Hong on challenging developments in climbing | Video interview

Style debate: Matty Hong on preclipping, mixing pinkpoint and redpoint and chipping & gluing.

Adam Ondra on ethical dilemmas in climbing | Video interview

Style debate: Adam Ondra on preclipping, the influence of kneepads on difficulty levels and chipping & gluing.