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From this season there will be live streams of European climbing competitions

Wider coverage: From 2024, European competitions can be followed live on the IFSC's new European YouTube channel.

This is how the IFSC takes action against RED-S in competition climbing

Fight against RED-S: The International Sport Climbing Federation is introducing a new policy for the 2024 competition season.

Climbing professionals criticize IFSC for NEOM Masters in Saudi Arabia

110 climbers and professionals criticize IFSC for competing as part of the controversial mega-project NEOM in Saudi Arabia.

Full-length interview with IFSC President Marco Scolaris

The IFSC has been criticized when it comes to eating disorders. We conducted an exclusive and in-depth interview with the President.

dr Volker Schöffl criticizes IFSC and resigns

dr Volker Schöffl criticizes the IFSC for their lack of will to implement effective measures against eating disorders.

Is the criticism of the International Sport Climbing Federation justified?

In recent times, the IFSC has often been offended by decisions. In the comment columns, some sharp shots are fired at the international sport climbing association. And the athletes themselves are also critical. Is this criticism appropriate or not?

IFSC asks you to pay: Climbing World Cup broadcasts will be subject to a fee

The International Sport Climbing Federation (IFSC) is making a second attempt after 2017 to monetize the rising popularity of climbing. In a media release on Friday, the IFSC announced a three-year partnership with the paid streaming platform Discovery+. Anyone who wants to watch the IFSC World Cups and World Championships until the 2024 Olympics will either have to pay or wait for the delayed transmission.

IFSC tightens measures: Athletes from Russia and Belarus are suspended

The International Sport Climbing Federation (IFSC) announces further measures in response to the war in Ukraine. All IFSC competitions in Russia and Belarus are suspended until further notice. All athletes and team officials from the two countries are suspended.