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From this season there will be live streams of European climbing competitions

Wider coverage: From 2024, European competitions can be followed live on the IFSC's new European YouTube channel.

This is how the IFSC takes action against RED-S in competition climbing

Fight against RED-S: The International Sport Climbing Federation is introducing a new policy for the 2024 competition season.

Po scandal: That's what the International Climbing Association IFSC says

The International Climbing Association IFSC lurches from scandal to scandal. The association has already been confronted with allegations of sexism twice. Is the IFSC finally drawing lessons from the matter? Why did the exact same incident occur a second time? We put these and other questions to the IFSC - and received an interesting answer.

Finally another competition: the bouldering season opens in Meiringen

After weeks of uncertainty, it is now clear - in mid-April, Meiringen will be climbing again at the highest level. If the epidemiological situation allows, the world's best athletes will meet on April 16 and 17, 2021 for the first World Cup of the 2021 season in Haslital.

Japan flashes before the International Court of Justice

The Japanese Mountaineering and Climbing Association has filed a lawsuit at the International Court of Justice - and has been dismissed.