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Seb Bouin scores bibliography (9b+) at Céüse

Sébastien Bouin manages the fourth ascent of the Bibliography route (9b +). It is his second 9b/+ route this year.

Matty Hong climbs Sharma test piece biography (9a +)

The American Matty Hong repeats Biography in Ceüse, the first sport climbing route with a difficulty level of 9a+. It was drilled in 1989 by Jean-Christophe Lafaille. The American Chris Sharma managed a first free ascent in 2001.

Cédric Lachat climbs 9b for the first time with Fantasia

At the age of 38, the Swiss professional climber Cédric Lachat managed the most difficult route of his career so far: Fantasia (9b).

Controversial action: top alpinist Christophe Profit in court

In the summer of last year, the renowned alpinist and mountain guide Christophe Profit removed metal posts that were used to secure the heavily frequented Goûter route on Mont Blanc. Now he has been charged with theft. He faces a fine of 4000 euros.

Form test passed: Katherine Choong climbs Les Nerfs à Vif (8c +)

The Swiss climber Katherine Choong has scored the route Les Nerfs à Vif (8c +) in the French climbing area La Verrière. The line was a kind of form check for the Jura after a short winter break. Now she is optimistic about her big multi-pitch projects.

9b first ascent again: Seb Bouin climbs Ariégeois Cœur Loyal

Seb Bouin manages the first ascent of the sport climbing route Ariégeois Cœur Loyal at Pic Saint Loup. Bouin gives a rating of 9b.

Seb Berthe flashes trad classic Le Voyage (E10, 7a)

Seb Berthe manages the flash ascent of Le Voyage (E10, 7a). The Belgian is the first to succeed James Pearson's route in this style. In addition, he may also be the first climber ever to flash such a difficult trad route.

Video: This is how Jakob Schubert performs in DNA (9c)

Since the first ascent of DNA (9c) by the French climber Seb Bouin, Jakob Schubert could hardly wait to climb the steep face of La Ramirole. In November the time had come and the Austrian climbing pro took a closer look at the Mega line. In the video, Jakob Schubert takes you into the gigantic overhang.