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Adam Ondra flashes 8B(+) Boulder in Sweden

Hard send in Sweden: Adam Ondra manages the flash ascent of the 8B(+) compression line Luftig kö till nålens öga.

Tomoa Narasaki flashes 8C+ Boulder and downgrades to 8B+

Tomoa Narasaki flashes Gakido and downgrades the 8C+ boulder to 8B+. Shortly afterwards he made the first ascent of Ashurado (8C).

Hardest flash climb ever: Brooke Raboutou boulders Nascondino

Next level: Brooke Raboutou quickly flashed two hard boulders in Ticino: Nascondino (8A+/8B) and Darkness (8A+).

Flashed 9a briefly before the Olympic qualifying event

Shortly before the IFSC qualification event in Laval, France, Adam Ondra underwent a form check in Slovenia and passed it with flying colors: In...

Flash 8B+ for a moment: Aidan Roberts climbs Momentum | Video

With the flash ascent of Momentum (8B+) in Val Bavona, Aidan Roberts joins the illustrious group of 8B+ flashers. Only a handful of top climbers can claim to have flashed Boulder at this level of difficulty.

Famous boulder flashed and massively devalued

Abaddon (8A+) is one of the most popular boulders of this grade in the US bouldering Mecca Red Rocks. The American competition climber Zander Waller recently forced a flash ascent of the line and quickly downgraded it from 8A+ to 7C.

Adam Ondra flashes as the first 8B gritstone boulder

Czech climber Adam Ondra was recently in the UK to climb and film with the Wide Boyz, Will Bosi and Magnus Midtbo. He managed a flash ascent of the Jerry Moffatt classic The Ace in Stanage Plantation. An 8B flash in the gritstone - that's never happened before Ondra.

Hardest trad flash? Peter Whittaker climbs La Fuerza de la Gravedad (8b)

Crack specialist Peter Whittaker manages the flash ascent of the classic La Fuerza de la Gravedad (8b) by Carlos Logroño Viscasillas in Spain. Even if the wide boy "only" rates the line as 8b thanks to the new beta, it's still one of the toughest flash ascents of a trad route.