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Crack in the Magic Wood | Municipality and IG Magic Wood in dispute

The waves are rising in the Magic Wood. We met the mayor and the president of IG Magic Wood for a discussion.

Bouldering paradise Magic Wood - video with Marco Müller

The Magic Wood season is in full swing. Time for a good dose of inspiration and motivation. Dive into the enchanted forest with his dream bouldering with Marco Müller.

No sooner said than done: Simon Lorenzi climbs The Power of Now (8c)

The Belgian Simon Lorenzi did not hesitate and climbed another difficult line in Magic Wood: Power of Now (8c).

Magic Wood bouldering area: Community terminates lease agreement with Saluz family

The waves go wild in the nationally and internationally known and popular bouldering area Magic Wood. The Saluz long-term tenant family received notice of termination from the municipality of Ferrera. What is going on in the Aver Valley? Will the Magic Wood bouldering area soon lose its magic? LACRUX spoke to Thomas Saluz and the Mayor Albert Rauch.

Jakob Schubert flashes The Never Ending Story (8b +) and other 8-piece boulder

Jakob Schubert gets the most out of a two-day trip to the Magic Wood. He flashes The Never Ending Story (8b +) and three more boulders in the eighth grade.

Camping in Magic Wood open again from today June 6th

From June 8, 2020, the campsite in the Magic Wood bouldering area will reopen. The parking spaces are only available to camping guests.

Magic Wood bouldering area officially closed - Murgtal soon too?

The municipality of Ferrera blocks the bouldering area Magic Wood. Will the Murgtal be closed soon? We spoke to the mayor.

Video about Magic Wood classics with Natalie Bärtschi, Rebekka Stotz and Remo Sommer

The short film by Natalie includes the Boulder Sofa Surfer Direkt (8b), Höhenrausch (7b +), Infinite Story (8b +) and Minisex.