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Marc-André Leclerc: Outstanding free soloist away from the limelight | Watch movie for free

The Alpinist is an intimate documentary about visionary mountaineer Marc-André Leclerc. The ascents of remote cliffs that the young Canadian undertook are among the most daring solo tours in history.

Video: That's behind Katherine Choong's inspection of Jungfraumarathon (9a)

On October 16, 2019, Katherine Choong climbed her second 9a route with Jungfraumarathon. Filmmaker Nicolas Falquet accompanied the Jurassic on her way to the top with his camera and captured her marathon to her second trophy in the ninth grade in gripping pictures.

More than a route: two female climbers and their understanding of climbing by fair means

The documentary film More than a route accompanies the climate researcher and climber Lena Müller on her search for more sustainability in climbing. Your journey invites you to question your own behavior and to look for new approaches. Lena has found one for herself and calls it Ecopoint.



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