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Swiss Climbing Cup in the minimum Leutsch | Info & live stream

At the first Swiss Climbing Cup of the season in early March, bouldering specialists Sofya Yokoyama and Nils Favre won. Today is the second round of the Minimum Leutsch and it promises to be exciting, especially as it is the last chance for the participants to qualify for the Swiss Championships on April 1st in L'Entrepôt in Bulle.

Katherine Choong: "That is the greatest achievement of my career."

The jury rider repeats the route, which Matthias Trottmann started for the first time in 2005, for 6.4 seconds (170 m, 8b / +) on the Fürenwand. In emotional terms, she records why this is the greatest climbing achievement of her career to date.

David Firnenburg successful in Céüse | Moritz Welt flashes 8c | Katherine Choong climbs Helix (8c +)

The climbing elite seem to have rediscovered the desire to travel. Success reports no longer only reach us from the home regions of the professionals, but again from all corners of Europe. That has been going on for the past seven days.

Climbing couple David Firnenburg and Andrea Kümin successfully in Oliana

David Firnenburg and Andrea Kümin have been staying in Spain since the beginning of the year. Both have made a difficult route - and have now climbed successfully.

David Firnenburg gets an inspection of the Jungfrau Marathon (9a) in Gimmelwald

Swiss-based German professional climber David Firnenburg climbs the 9a Jungfrau Marathon route in the Bernese Oberland.

David Firnenburg climbs one of the heaviest multi-pitch routes in Switzerland: 6.4 seconds

David Firnenburg succeeds in the second ascent of the multi-pitch route 6.4 seconds (8b / 8b +, 7 SL, 170 Meter) on the Fürenwand near Engelberg.

This is Germany's focus team for Tokyo 2020

At the summer games in Tokyo 2020 climbing is represented for the first time at an Olympiad. The German Alpine Club has now defined who he sends in the women's and men's race for the coveted starting places.

David Firnenburg climbs the famous 8c Boulder Dreamtime in Cresciano

Top German climber David Firnenburg successfully climbs the Dreamtime boulder in the Cresciano area of ​​Ticino. For David, the Christ child came a little earlier than usual...