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50 sessions and 7 years to get through The Dark Side (8C+) | Hardest boulder in Yosemite Valley

Carlo Traversi makes the first ascent of the most difficult boulder in Yosemite Valley: The Dark Side. Traversi suggests 8C+ as a rating.

Which professionals climb with an eight, which with a bulin?

We recently took a closer look at figure eight knots and double bulins as tie-in knots and showed their advantages and disadvantages. Today, climbing pros like Jacopo Larcher, Babsi Zangerl, Seb Bouin, Connor Herson or Carlos Traversi will tell you why they prefer which knot.

Jacopo Larcher climbs one of the most difficult trad crack routes in the world: Meltdown (8c +)

Jacopo Larcher secures the third ascent of the iconic Trad crack line Meltdown (8c +) in Cascade Creek in California's Yosemite Valley. After Beth Rodden's first ascent in 2008, it was a full decade before Carlo Traversi was the first to repeat the trad test piece.

Does Connor Herson make Empath (9a +) the most difficult trad climbing route in the world?

Empath (9a+) is a crazy granite tufa route in Kirkwood, California. In June 2021, Connor Herson secured the seventh ascent of Carlo Traversi's line. Recently the youngster has returned and has been climbing the line trad style. Does this make Empath the hardest trad route in the world?

Wacky Granite Tufa route: Carlo Traversi climbs Empath (9a +)

Carlo Traversi made the first ascent of Route Empath in Kirkwood in October 2020, followed by repeats by Jimmy Webb and Daniel Woods. This video...

Video: Carlo Traversi repeats first the crack route Meltdown

In November of last year, Carlo Traversi scored the first iteration of Meltdown (5.14c / 8c +). The route is one of the heaviest rift routes in the world, waiting for 10 years to repeat.

Carlo Traversi climbs one of the heaviest Trad-Riss routes in the world: Meltdown

A few days ago, Carlo Traversi successfully repeated the trad crack route Meltdown (5.14c/8c+) in Yosemite Valley. Like numerous international athletes, the American also frolics...

Carlo Traversi's ascent of the 8b + Boulder Gecko

Carlo Traversi fulfilled a dream this spring: He scored the sit start of Gecko Sitzstart (8b+) in Fontainebleau, France. Here is the video of...