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Do not drill holes in carabiners for weight loss!

HowNot2's Ryan Jensk is known for his material testing. In this video he examined how a carabiner with self-drilled holes behaves in the breaking load test.

Petzl Spirit: the best quickdraws for sport climbing?

Petzl launches a new edition of its successful Spirit carabiners and probably the best and most famous quickdraws. What's new?

This is how you take care of your climbing gear and recognize damage

The cold season is slowly saying goodbye, the snow cover is receding. This creates space on the mountain for grippy rock - high time to get the climbing gear out of hibernation and start the first vertical adventures of the season. The moment is extremely favorable, either to bring the equipment into shape or to replace it in the event of damage. It goes without saying that no compromises are made when it comes to safety-related equipment. We look at the care of ropes and the like - for more durability and more safety.

Carabiners for climbing and mountaineering: you should know that

Climbing – and even alpinism – would be unthinkable without carabiners. Nevertheless, the oval devices often lead a shadowy existence. Whether HMS carabiners or quickdraws: without the seemingly archaic tools, we would fall into the abyss faster than we would like. We take a closer look at the world of carabiners.

Petzl recalls the Scorpio Eashook via ferrata set

The French mountain sports outfitter Petzl is recalling its Scorpio Eashook via ferrata set. The reason for the recall is a malfunction of the carabiners. The affected products may no longer be used.

The ultimate test: We tested old climbing equipment

We drove to Mammut's headquarters to test your old climbing equipment. We have put ropes, belts and carabiners through their paces. When will the 20-year-old rope in the drop tower break? What is a normal fall and does it even occur in reality? We clarify.

It couldn't be more gaudy: climbing equipment in pink

This gear from Black Diamond is more eye-catching than anything before. The Rope Dry 8.9 climbing rope, the Hotforge Hybrid quickdraw, the Vapor helmet and the...

Tips from Adam Ondra: This is how you clip better and faster

In the latest episode of his video series, Adam Ondra gives valuable tips on how to attach quickdraws and quickdraws better and faster.


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Move Hard: Seb Bouin's path to silence

With the ascent of Move Hard (9b), Seb Bouin has come another step closer to Adam Ondra's Masterpiece Silence.

Cédric Lachat repeats 85-meter endurance hammer Chilam Balam (9a+/b)

The Swiss professional climber Cédric Lachat scores Chilam Balam (9a+/b), his 50th route in the ninth grade.

A dream, two dirt bags, 3000 meters of climbing

Film tip: The two dirtbags Drew Herder and Ben Wilbur try to conquer the longest climbing route in the world in the Long Wall.

America's Hardest Crack Lines Repeated

Pete Whittaker recently secured the third ascent...

The climbing shoe for hooking: Black Diamond Method S

With the Method S, Black Diamond has developed a sophisticated climbing shoe that performs well in sport climbing and bouldering.
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