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Probably the second strongest Czech visits Switzerland

In early February, Martin Stranik stayed in Switzerland for a few days. During his stay he got numerous difficult bouldering tours.

Jimmy Webb can crimp hard: He sends Lucid Dreaming (8c)

Jimmy Webb climbs the 8c boulder Lucid Dreaming in Bishop. The ledge climbing in Lucid Dreaming is actually not for the American.

Jakob Schubert is making short work of the Dreamtime block again

Jakob Schubert came to Ticino again last week and climbed two heavy lines: Somnolence (8b) and The Story of Two Worlds (8c).

12-year-old Max Bertone is bouldering 8a +

Stefano Bertone, father of Oriane and Max, publishes several videos that show his children's heavy ascents in the Rocklands.

Spanish bouldering area Hoya Moros is for sale

The Hoya Moros climbing and bouldering area is for sale. Access could be restricted or prohibited. A petition has now been launched.

Too Tall to Fall: Miles Adamson opens highball in Bishop

On January 1, 2020, Canadian Miles Adamson successfully climbed the Too Tall to Fall line on the famous Grandma Peabody block in the Bishop bouldering area.

He came, saw and climbed: Vadim Timonov in Switzerland

The Russian Vadim Timonov stayed in Switzerland for about a month. We have rarely seen such an impressive ticklist.

Urban bouldering at the highest level: Adam Ondra commits Exhumace (8b)

Adam Ondra makes a heavy urban boulder on a bridge pillar. The Exhumace line (8b) was first started in 2002 and has not been repeated since.