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Can Ondra onsight all the hard routes in Soyhières in one afternoon?

Adam Ondra visited the Soyhières climbing area and attempted to onsight climb the most difficult routes in one afternoon. Will he make it?

Lucien Cousin: Between lab coat and rock face

Last year he scored the two 9a routes Jungfraumarathon and Inferno in Gimmelwald within a week. At the end of February, the fifth ascent of Im Reich des Shogun (9a), the touchstone in the Basel Jura, followed. Time to get to know the young Frenchman Lucien Cousin a little better.

Exes are systematically stolen in the Basel Jura

Once again, fixed quickdraws were stolen by strangers in the Basler Jura - although most of them were mounted with maillons. The local climbers wonder and call the thief to reason.

Philipp Geissenhoff scores 9a route in the realm of the Shogun

The young Swiss climber Philipp Geissenhoff succeeds in the red point ascent of the route Im Reich des Shogung (9a).

New climbing guide available: Basler Jura

There is a new SAC climbing guide for one of the oldest and most important climbing areas in Switzerland, the Basler Jura.

Kevin Heiniger gets an inspection of the historical route Ravage (8b + / 8c)

Bernese Kevin Heiniger manages to inspect the Ravage route in Chuenisberg. "It's a historical line that has always been on my to-do list," writes Kevin...

Young talent Philipp Geisenhoff projects in the kingdom of the Shogun (9a)

19-year-old Philipp Geisenhoff wants to secure the fourth ascent of the 9a route in the realm of the Shogung. Actiontalk accompanied him during the project.

Alex Megos: In 6 days 10 hard routes in Switzerland climbed

The 24-year-old climber Alexander Megos mastered three 9a routes and seven 8b+/c routes on his one-week trip 'Helveticlimb' through Switzerland in August. Without...