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Dani Arnold sets solo speed record on the Salbit

The Swiss mountain guide and professional alpinist Dani Arnold climbs all three ridges on the legendary Salbitschijen in less than 10 hours - alone and faster than any human before.

Kilian Jornet abandons Everest solo after avalanche incident

Spanish ultra-runner, ski mountaineer and alpinist Kilian Jornet completes his attempt to climb Everest single-handedly and without supplemental oxygen via the challenging Hornbein Couloir. This after an avalanche had swept him 50 meters away and he had already found extremely difficult conditions on the west shoulder.

12 summits in 72 hours: Gietl climbs the Villnösser-Odle traverse solo

The South Tyrolean mountain guide Simon Gietl manages the first winter traverse of the Geislerspitzen single-handedly. All in all, the professional alpinist was on the road for three days and climbed twelve independent peaks of the Geisler group.

Adventurous solo first ascent: Roger Schäli climbs Tierra del Fuego (A2+, 6c)

The Swiss professional alpinist Roger Schäli opens the trad route Tierra del Fuego (A2+, 6c) on the Roda Val della Neve in Bergell alone over five days. The demanding line - only equipped with bolts at the belay - follows a system of cracks in the right part of the wall.

Marc-André Leclerc: Outstanding free soloist away from the limelight | Watch movie for free

The Alpinist is an intimate documentary about visionary mountaineer Marc-André Leclerc. The ascents of remote cliffs that the young Canadian undertook are among the most daring solo tours in history.

David Göttler: The big interview after climbing Everest without supplemental oxygen

On his third attempt, the weather, conditions and physical and mental condition were perfect. On March 21, the professional alpinist David Göttler reached the summit of Mount Everest solo and without additional oxygen. A conversation about risk management, expectations and inspection styles.

Charles Dubouloz: solo winter ascent of the north face of the Grandes Jorasses | Route Rolling Stones

The French alpinist has managed a spectacular ascent on the north face of the Grandes Jorasses. He is the first to manage the winter ascent of the demanding mixed route Rolling Stones through the north face of the Grandes Jorasses - single-handedly.

Details of the solo tour on the Three Peaks by Simon Gietl

On February 23 and 24, 2020, South Tyrolean Simon Gietl single-handedly managed the winter traverse of the Three Peaks. Here are details of his ascent.


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Jakob Schubert rates BIG 9c | formerly Project Big

Jakob Schubert communicates the name of the climbing route that has become known as Project Big: It is called BIG. He rates the line 9c.

Michael Piccolruaz repeats Sharma-Kingline Alasha | including video interview

Professional climber Michael Piccolruaz is the second climber to repeat Sharma's Kingline Alasha, the most difficult DWS route in the world.

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Eiger north face – beyond death | Film tip

The world-class alpinists Stephan Siegrist and Thomas and Alexander Huber want to create a memorial to their unfortunate climbing friends with a new route on the north face of the Eiger.