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Never so many crevasse falls | Mountain emergency statistics 2022

In 2022, 3668 people got into an emergency in the Swiss Alps and in the Jura and had to be rescued or recovered by the mountain rescue service - that's slightly less than in the previous year. 109 people died in classic mountain sports - that is significantly fewer than in 2021. At 70 people, the number of falls from crevasses on glaciers was almost twice as high as the average for the last 10 years (38).

Mountaineering meets the climate crisis: are tragic accidents like those on the Marmolada becoming more common?

The current accident on the Marmolada, in which at least seven people were killed by a glacier fracture, confirms in a sad and impressive way what is unfortunately obvious: the alpine dangers of mountaineering are undoubtedly increasing as global warming progresses.

Fewer deadly accidents in the Swiss mountains

In 2016, around 2 people had to be rescued by mountain rescue teams in the Swiss Alps. 800 people died in mountaineering accidents: That's 113...



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