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Incredible perseverance: Matt Fultz repeats Big Z (8C+)

3 years, 30 sessions - what a process! Matt Fultz secures the second ascent of the 8C+ Boulder Big Z in Lake Tahoe.

17-meter highball first climbed: Sean Bailey climbs Devilution (8C+)

Too tall to fall: American professional climber Sean Bailey makes the first ascent of the 17-meter highball Devilution (8C+)

This is how Seb Bouin climbs Suprême Jumbo Love (9b +) | Video

In November 2022, the French top climber Seb Bouin opened the most difficult route in North America with Suprême Jumbo Love (9b +). The video of the first ascent of the impressive mega line at Clark Mountain is now available.

Yannick Flohé with almost Flash: Zoolander (9a) & Pure Imagination (8c +)

Yannick Flohé is currently testing his fitness on rock in the United States. The German professional climber scores routes around the ninth French degree in the second attempt.

The biggest drug discovery in the history of climbing

In 1977 a plane crashed in the climbing mecca of Yosemite Valley - with a special cargo: marijuana. In the film Valley Uprising, Reel Rock tells what the crash and drug discovery has to do with climbing.

Drew Ruana: 8c + Boulder Insomniac first climbed

Drew Ruana manages the first ascent of an old project near Lincoln Lake. He rates the Insomniac line with an 8c +.

Under the radar: Nathan Williams bouldering Sleepwalker (8c +)

The 22-year-old Nathan Williams succeeds only the fifth ascent of the Boulder Sleepwalker in the Red Rocks. But who is Nathan Williams?

Boulder World Cup in Vail (Colorado) 2019: livestream and info

After a break of just over three weeks, the best boulderers in the world will go to sunny Colorado: in Vail (USA), the 6 will be there. and last Boulder World Cup 2019.



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