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Gives Clothes a Second Life | Ortovox Second Life Shop

The German mountaineering specialist Ortovox is launching a shop selling refurbished products.

Study: Are sustainable products important to you?

More and more climbing equipment suppliers rely on social and ecological production of their products. But is that important to consumers? Michael Fuchs from the University of Leipzig gets to the bottom of this question with his study. For each completed questionnaire, 1 euro will be donated to the Protect Our Winters Europe organization.

When do climbing shoes with downturn make sense?

Once you have found a suitable climbing finch, you won't give it up anytime soon. But with more training, progress and new areas of application, the demands on the shoe also change. When is the right time for another climbing finch? The range from softer models to more aggressive climbing finches with more pre-tension and downturn is varied. 

Hangboard / fingerboard - more than just boards

If you want to optimize your finger strength for climbing, you can hardly avoid a hangboard in the long term. These training devices are available in all possible forms and materials - now also fully digitized. We'll show you what to look out for when buying.

Climbing harnesses Adjama and Luna: all-rounders?

A climbing harness for all mountain sports? The Petzl Adjama and Luna W models come close. We introduce them.

Red Chili Puzzle: A climbing shoe for children and teenagers

The new climbing shoe Puzzle from Red Chili is designed entirely for the feet of children and young people. Introducing the shoe. The...

It couldn't be more gaudy: climbing equipment in pink

This gear from Black Diamond is more eye-catching than anything before. The Rope Dry 8.9 climbing rope, the Hotforge Hybrid quickdraw, the Vapor helmet and the...

Sports / GPS watches: In tune with the times

In the past, it was at most runners who did their laps with a heart rate monitor. In the meantime, however, the helpers have found their way into all kinds of sports - including mountain sports. The functions go far beyond the heart rate monitor. The sports watch jungle is dense and confusing. We try to get an overview.