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8C+ boulder after torn ligament

Jimmy Webb tore multiple ankle ligaments in a fall this spring. The strong American seems to have survived the forced break resulting from this. He recently repeated Drew Ruana's test piece Insomniac (8C+) in Lincoln Lake and is definitely back in the game.

Shawn Raboutou repeats Insomniac (8C+)

The American Shawn Raboutou is currently the strongest boulderer in the world. After the first ascent of Alphane (9A) in Chironico, he succeeds in repeating Insomniac in Lincoln Lake. The 8C + boulder by Drew Ruana has rejected numerous strong climbers since the first ascent last July.

Video of Drew Ruana in Insomniac (8C+)

On July 9, 2021, Drew Ruana climbed Insomniac (8C+). The strong American recently released an edit by Alton Richardson that is well worth seeing, showing him making the first ascent of his boulder in Lincoln Lake, Colorado.

Drew Ruana: 8c + Boulder Insomniac first climbed

Drew Ruana manages the first ascent of an old project near Lincoln Lake. He rates the Insomniac line with an 8c +.