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Depression in Fatal Accidents | Mountain accident statistics 2021

The mountain accident statistics of the German Alpine Association continue a pleasing trend for 2021: Accidents and emergencies among DAV members have fallen by a quarter compared to the previous year and have thus reached a new low. One of the most common causes of accidents was falling while hiking.

DAV and Rother Bergverlag publish 100 guides | for free

Together with Rother Bergverlag, the German Alpine Club has digitized more than 100 Alpine Club guides with a total of 45.000 pages. Probably the most famous reference works in the Eastern Alps are now available for download free of charge.

Alex Megos: 9c is not the limit in climbing

In a short film by the German Alpine Club, Alex Megos talks about his passion for climbing and his ambitions on rocks and plastic.

Broken hook on the Ammerthaler Wand: cause investigated

On July 29, 2020, a hook broke out at a top rope stand on the Ammerthaler Wand in the Franconian Jura. The IG Climbing Frankenjura, Fichtelgebirge and Bavarian Forest eV is now publishing the results of an investigation.

Andreas Lindner from DAV Expedkader member died in a fatal accident

On June 29, Andreas Lindner, a member of the DAV expedition squad, had a fatal accident in the Mont Blanc massif when approaching the west wall of Dru.

Free livestream talk by Alexander Huber

Extreme climber Alexander Huber will give a live stream lecture on YouTube on Thursday, April 09th, from 20.30:22.00 p.m. to XNUMX:XNUMX p.m.

Calling up the Alpine associations: no mountain tours, no climbing or bouldering and no ski tours

The Alpine clubs in Switzerland, Germany and Austria call for no mountain tours and no climbing or bouldering.

More and more city dwellers go to the alpine clubs

Over 573 people are now members of the Austrian Alpine Association ÖAV. The members of the German Alpine Association DAV have also more than doubled since 000. Both clubs gained an above-average number of members from the urban and non-Alpine populations. In Vienna alone, the Alpine Club counts an impressive 2000 in 2018...