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50 sessions and 7 years to get through The Dark Side (8C+) | Hardest boulder in Yosemite Valley

Carlo Traversi makes the first ascent of the most difficult boulder in Yosemite Valley: The Dark Side. Traversi suggests 8C+ as a rating.

America's Hardest Crack Lines Repeated

Pete Whittaker recently secured the third ascent of the difficult Stranger than Fiction (8c) crack line in Utah. Connor Herson repeats in Yosemite Valley...

When top climbers still drank excessively alcohol

This video shows successful climber Warren Harding and his penchant for alcohol, parties and difficult first ascents.

Connor Herson succeeds in free ascent of the Salathe Wall

The American Connor Herson recently made a name for himself with the trad inspection of Empath (9a). Now comes the next prank: together with his father, he manages to free climb the Salathe Wall on El Capitan.

Siebe Vanhee and Sébastien Berthe take a break from the Dawn Wall

When it became known that the two Belgians Sébastien Berth and Siebe Vanhee were targeting the Dawn Wall, the rumor mill began to churn. Will they walk the route at record speed and maybe even devalue it? Two months later it became clear: The strong Belgians are having a hard time with the toughest multi-pitch route in the world and are taking a break.

Dawn Wall in the sights of Berthe and Vanhee - is the devaluation threatened?

The two Belgian Siebe Vanhee and Sébastien Berthe have arrived in Yosemite Valley. Your goal is to redpunkt climb one of the most difficult multi-pitch routes in the world, The Dawn Wall. Does this mean that the route is threatened with an imminent devaluation?

The biggest drug discovery in the history of climbing

In 1977 a plane crashed in the climbing mecca of Yosemite Valley - with a special cargo: marijuana. In the film Valley Uprising, Reel Rock tells what the crash and drug discovery has to do with climbing.

Adam Ondra and Tommy Caldwell in conversation about The Dawn Wall

In the following video, climbing greats Adam Ondra and Tommy Caldwell talk about Olympia, The Dawn Wall, the connection between sport climbing and multi-pitch climbing, and their personal plans for the future.