Keyword: Valle dell Orco

Jernej Kruder repeats trad classic Greenspit (8b/+)

Didier Berthod's iconic crack line repeated: Jernej Kruder secures an ascent of Greenspit in the Valle dell'Orco.

James Pearson: “That was my craziest highball”

Hard at the limit: James Pearson repeats the infamous highball 29 dots and comes shockingly close to the limit.

Pumpy boulder linkup in the legendary Greenspit crack route repeated | Pura Pura (8c)

Pete Whittaker succeeds in what is probably his second ascent of Pura Pura. The route connects the Boulder Green Shadow with the crack roof Greenspit.

Jacopo Larcher: Two difficult trad first ascents in the Valle dell'Orco

In October of the current year, Jacopo Larcher spent two weeks in the Valle dell'Orco and made two difficult trad first ascents. The lines are...

Interview: Bernd Zangerl opens Highball-Boulder Grenzlos in Valle Dell'Orco

Bernd Zangerl succeeds in the first ascent of the 10 meter high Boulder Grenzlos (approx. 8a +) in the Valle Dell'Orco.

Jacopo Larcher and Babsi Zangerl successful again: Anna Kournikova scored

The climbing couple Zangerl-Larcher succeeds in the red point ascent of the Trad route Anna Kournikova (8b +) in the Vallone di Piantonetto.

Barbara Zangerl climbs Green Spit - one of the most difficult crack routes in Europe

The 32-year-old Austrian Barbara Zangerl climbed the Green Spit crack route in the Valle Dell'Orco last week.

Valle Dell'Orco: Giuliano Cameroni and Bernd Zangerl bouldering in northern Italy

In 2013 Bernd Zangerl started to develop boulder problems in the Valle Dell'Orco. This video shows the most beautiful lines in the region.