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Kim Marschner climbs Neverending Story as a highball | Video

With the rope-free ascent of the three parts of Neverending Story (8C), Kim Marschner fulfilled a dream last year. His ascension probably...

Natalie Bärtschi: “The powerful compression climbing grabbed me straight away.”

Natalie Bärtschi climbs the Magic Wood classic Neverending Story 1 and thus completes her long-term project.

Linus Raatz and Stephan Vogt successful in Magic Wood

Linus Raatz and Stephan Vogt spent a few weeks in the Magic Wood bouldering area. Here is the video of your stay.

Video: Jakob Schubert flashes The Never Ending Story

This video shows Jakob Schubert during the Flash inspection of the Magic Wood classic The Never Ending Story (8b +).

Siebe Vanhee successful in the Rätikon: Never ending story scored

A few days after his success in the Alpstein, the Belgian Siebe Vanhee was drawn to the nearby Rätikon climbing area. Within two days he managed the red point ascent...

Christof Rauch gets the first iteration of 8c-Boulder's La Grosse Tarlouze in Magic Wood

The Tyrolean Christof Rauch succeeds once again in the commission of a heavy line on Swiss soil. On the 30. May 2019 he secures with the passage of La Grosse Tarlouze in the Magic Wood the first repetition of the 8c-Boulder.

You must have seen the Magic Wood Ticklist by Matt Fultz

Matt Fultz climbed eighth in the Magic Wood 16 Boulder and completed the 9a-rated tour "The Neverending Story 1 + 2 + 3".

Video: Inspection of the Neverending Story by Nina Caprez and Barbara Zangerl

In 2015, the two athletes Nina Caprez and Barbara Zangerl repeated one of the most demanding alpine climbing routes: Neverending Story (8b+, 11 SL) in the Rätikon. So...