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Mend outdoor equipment instead of throwing it away | Transa repair service

Repair instead of throwing away: In their repair workshop, Transa will get your outdoor equipment and functional clothing back in shape.

The climbing shoe for hooking: Black Diamond Method S

With the Method S, Black Diamond has developed a sophisticated climbing shoe that performs well in sport climbing and bouldering.

How to find the right tent

Dome tent, tunnel tent or geodesic: What is the difference between the types of tent, which one is best suited for a canoe tour and what is the water column all about? Tom gives you an overview in the video.

This is how you care for your ski touring equipment

Do you go on ski tours regularly and want you to enjoy your equipment for as long as possible? We have valuable tips in store for you. From the right battery for the avalanche transceiver to the impregnation of the skins to the storage of ski boots.

Tip: three urban bouldering spots in Bern

It doesn't always have to be the climbing gym or the mountains: You can also boulder in the middle of the city after work. Transa sales consultant Pesche Wüthrich shows you his favorite bouldering spots in and around the city of Bern, which he has known and loved since the 80s.

When do climbing shoes with downturn make sense?

Once you have found a suitable climbing finch, you won't give it up anytime soon. But with more training, progress and new areas of application, the demands on the shoe also change. When is the right time for another climbing finch? The range from softer models to more aggressive climbing finches with more pre-tension and downturn is varied. 

Tips for climbing-specific training

With specific climbing training you can push your level and ideally complement your indoor training. You should be aware of that.

Vanlife: pitches, equipment and tips

Vanlife: We show you where you can find parking spaces in Switzerland and which equipment you should look at.