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Larcher and Vanhee score Tradroute Le Voyage (E10 7a) | Video

The route Le Voyage in southern France is one of the most demanding trad routes in the world. This video shows the ascent of the two professional climbers Jacopo Larcher and Siebe Vanhee.

Jacopo Larcher repeats difficult trad route | Into the sun

On Wednesday, November 24, 2021, Jacopo Larcher succeeded in repeating the Trad route Into the Sun in the Murg Valley for the first time. The route was first walked by Bernd Zangerl four years ago.

Jacopo Larcher: Two difficult trad first ascents in the Valle dell'Orco

In October of the current year, Jacopo Larcher spent two weeks in the Valle dell'Orco and made two difficult trad first ascents. The lines are...

Silvan Schüpbach: First free ascent of the traditional multi-pitch tour

The trad multi-pitch route TRADÜNDITION on the west face of the Dündenhorn was first climbed in 2020/2021 by Peter Von Känel and Silvan Schüpbach and on October 15, 2021 by...

Video - Babsi Zangerl climbs one of the toughest trad routes in Europe: Greenspit

In October 2020, Babsi Zangerl was the first woman to climb one of the toughest trad routes in Europe, Greenspit in the Valle dell'Orco. Black Diamond is now publishing a video about the story behind the visit.

From sculpture to rock: a portrait of Federica Mingolla

Federica Mingolla is one of the most versatile athletes on the climbing scene. The film Un Nuovo Mattino shows the exciting personality.

Exclusive interview with climbing legend Didier Berthod & more // news show BETA 4

What are the plans of climbing pioneer Didier Berthod? Corona thwarted athletes' Olympic hope! The main topics of Beta # 4.

Michi Wohlleben commits psychogram trad climbing route in Bürs

Fourth, Michi Wohlleben repeats the mentally and climbing technically demanding route psychogram (8b +) on the Bürser Platte in Vorarlberg.