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Appointment with Death: Filip Babicz climbs one of the most dangerous gritstone routes rope solo

Appointment with Death (E9, 6c) is one of the boldest routes in English gritstone. Filip Babicz recently secured the fifth repetition of the line. Unlike the other climbers before him, he brought neither a crash pad nor a climbing partner.

Jonas Schild climbs Gondo Crack (8c) clean

Jonas Schild repeats the Trad-style Gondo Crack 17-meter crack line. In the interview, the professional climber from Bern talks about his preference for clean climbing and the mental aspect of the ascent and explains why the Gondo Crack has little to do with crack climbing.

Babsi Zangerl in one of the toughest trad routes in France (Le Voyage, E10, 7a)

In 2021, Babsi Zangerl climbed the mentally demanding trad route Le Voyage (E10, 7a). In the video, she takes the viewers into the sandstone wall, which has just enough structure to climb on and lay the most necessary safety devices.

Jacopo Larcher: Two difficult trad first ascents in the Valle dell'Orco

In October of the current year, Jacopo Larcher spent two weeks in the Valle dell'Orco and made two difficult trad first ascents. The lines are...

Nemuel Feurle in an interview about his ascent of Sangre de Toro (8b +): "That's exactly what I never wanted to experience."

After a 17-meter fall due to an incorrectly placed placement, the endeavor became a mental challenge for him. In an interview, he tells us how he overcame the setback and what lessons he learned from it.

Steps Across the Border - Who can do the complete repetition of this route?

Steps Across the Border is perhaps the hardest multi-pitch tour without drill hooks in the world. It has been without repetition for 25 years.

Successful Keepwild Climbing Days in the Alpstein

From August 25th to 28th, 2017, the Alpine conservation organization Mountain Wilderness organized the Keepwild Climbing Days together with Wild Country and Patagonia. There were...

Video about Bernd Zangerl's inspection of the 8c + Trad route

After a bouldering accident in 2015 and 489 days of hard training, Bernd Zangerl climbed what is probably the most difficult trad route in the world this year: Into the Sun (8c +) -...