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What a ticklist from Alex Megos after five days in Allgäu

Alexander Megos announces an incredible list of routes that he scored in Allgäu in southern Germany within five days.

He came, saw and climbed: Vadim Timonov in Switzerland

The Russian Vadim Timonov stayed in Switzerland for about a month. We have rarely seen such an impressive ticklist.

You must have seen the Magic Wood ticklist of Russian Vadim Timonov

The 25-year-old Russian Vadim Timonov from Saint Petersburg drove to the Swiss bouldering paradise Magic Wood after the World Climbing Championships in Innsbruck and the Adidas Rockstars....

Jakob Schubert's incredible ticklist after 17 days Rocklands

It was impressive what kind of ticklist the Japanese Ryuichi Murai presented to us in Magic Wood at the beginning of July (LACRUX reported). Jakob Schubert is now publishing...

Video about Ryuichi Murai's incredible ticklist in Magic Wood

17 days ago we reported to you about the almost unbelievable ticklist of the Japanese Ryuichi Murai. Now there's even a video of the eleven-day stay. Video...

This is Adam Ondras ticklist after two days of Frankenjura

Is that motivating or depressing? This is Adam Ondra's tick list after a short, two-day stopover in the Frankenjura. Actually he was...